Açaí Perfection
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Açaí Perfection

If you want a capsule full of antioxidants, good fatty acids, and amino acids, you need Pure Açaí capsules. Researchers have realized that one of the best foods on the planet is the purple Açaí berry and our product does not use any extracts or other fillers. You will only get pure Açaí in freeze-dried form in Pure Açaí capsules. 





  • High fiber levels
  • Only pure freeze dried Acai      
  • High ORAC levels
  • Excellent source of protein
  • Great antioxidant source
  • Heart enriching omega content
  • Necessary amino acids
  • Immune boosting ingredients
  • Over thirty times the antioxidants contained in red wine/grapes


Benefits of Açai Perfection Supplements


Açaí Perfection is full of beneficial antioxidants and amino acids, as well as essential fatty acids. 

Native Brazillians have been using the Açai berry for centuries because they know it is full of antioxidant health and vitality benefits. The Açaí berry is full of fatty acids, electrolytes, proteins, vitamins, and amino acids. Our product does not have any unnecessary fillers, like sugar or preservatives that you get when you use the Açaí juice blends.

Because Açaí berries have one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of foods on the planet, it naturally helps with cancer treatment and prevention, by making the immune system stronger and speeding up weight loss.

Our environment is full of toxins, like smog, car exhaust, and cigarette smoke, which are damaging to our bodies affecting our metabolism and making us feel sick. Açaí berries help remove the toxins so they do not damage our bodies. You will feel youthful, fresh, full of vitality, and beautiful. You can look like a healthy Brazilian, too!

There are antioxidants found in food all over the world and researchers believe that they help fight the free radicals that age our bodies. When you use Açaí berry capsules, you can help fight free radicals in your body and the supplement is excellent for people who do not eat much natural food in their diets.

Açaí Perfection is manufactured in the United States and we do not make inappropriate claims.  Vegans can enjoy the product because the capsules are vegetable based.


Additional Information

60 -1000mg Capsules.

Take two capsules once a day

Avoid this product if you are pregnant or a nursing mother. Children under 18 should avoid the product. If you have a medical issue, please consult with your physician before using a dietary supplement. 

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