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hGH Ignite

hGH Ignite™ is an ideal supplement for those on a doctor supervised or those consuming a liquid diet.   The benefits of HGH have long been recognized by the medical community. 

We can no longer ignore the connection between muscle loss, or reduction of bone density, our slowed metabolisms and increasing levels of fat storage.  In years past, risky procedures such as costly and painful injections were needed to address many of these concerns.  Modern encapsulation techniques allow us to bring all the benefits in an easy to use capsule form.
L-arginine HCL is one of 20 amino acids that help with the build up of protein. L-arginine a non-essential amino acids, is readily synthesised by our bodies. L-Arginine helps with the removal of ammonia from the body and also assists in the production of creatine.
L-Ornithine amino acids are a popular choice among many serious athletes.  Including bodybuilders and weightlifters.
L-Lysine HCl one of the 20 most common naturally occurring amino acids needed by the body for growth and tissue health is an essential free-form amino acid. L-lysine HCl is a more soluble and easier to digest molecular form of lysine.
Glutamine plays a pivotal role in the nitrogen balance of the body. Glutamine found in skeletal muscles is one of the most abundant amino acids in our bodies. 
For best results:
Take one to two capsules daily as a dietary supplement. Take on an empty stomach at least 2 hours before or after eating and again just before bedtime.

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