Brand New Booty, Cream
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Brand New Booty, Cream

Our Brand New Booty butt enhancement cream is the best on the market because in contains ingredients from plants that are designed to give you great results. The ingredients are environmentally safe to keep your skin free from toxins. The formula smells great, too.

Booty Support Cream contains Anemarrhenae Asphodeloides extract, hydrogenated polyisbutene, and squalane to keep your Brand New Booty looking great and larger.


Use Brand New Booty to increase the size of

the buttocks by applying it directly to your butt to shape and enhance it without any injections or surgical procedures. It smells great and will dry clearly, so you will not have residue to deal with when you apply it. It is safe under clothes and should be applied twice daily.

The cream includes an Asian plant extract that increases the production of adipocytes which promotes fat storage. When you use Brand New Booth fat tissue production will increase and your bottom will look fuller.


Today, it is desirable for women to have curvy, large butts. Media shows us that women with flat bottoms think they are less desirable than women with larger bottoms.  Curvy women have more fun. So, in order to feel more attractive and more desirable, women can use Brand New Booty to make their body look curvier to attract men.

There are many advantages to having a larger bottom. Women look more attractive and they can win more attention from men when they are curvier. Sculpted, augmented bottoms make the body look more proportionate. Clothes and dresses fit bigger bottoms better. Large, firm buttocks also help women get rid of dimpled cellulite and look sexier. When women feel good about their bodies, they feel better about themselves.

Even though many women opt for butt enhancement surgeries and injections, but using a cream is the safest method. Larger, firmer butts are associated with sexy, fertile, and desirable women, especially in Latin American cultures where curves are prized.


Booty Support Cream includes:

Anemarrhenae Asphodeloides (Root) Extract: This Chinese plant based extract (Zhi Mu) increases the look of fatty tissues.

Squalane:  This ingredient is in plant and animal products and is used as a moisturizer.

Hydrogenated Polyisbutene:  This lubricates the skin making it look smooth and soft.


 Additional Information

Apply twice per day to your buttocks.

Do not use more than recommended. Pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as children under 18 should not take this supplemental product. If you have a medical issue, speak with your physician before taking any supplement. 

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