Maximum Count, Male Enhancement
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Maximum Count, Male Enhancement

Maximum Count can help you with your sperm count and semen. Everything in the body is connected, so if your nutrition is poor, you will have symptoms all over the body. Taking a supplement especially formulated for male enhancement can help increase your pleasure and give you more powerfull ejaculations. 


Maximum Count ™ Supplement for Male Enhancement feature a blend of amino acids and vitamins that build powerful semen. The ingredients were selected specifically to increase your production of sperm. The ingredients also improve the texture and quality of semen and sperm.

Because women are attracted to you by pheromones that are an indicator of your sperm count, it is a fact that your semen production will turn her on. So if you are worried about your personal semen volume you can control your testosterone level with supplements specifically designed to help you increase your semen production. 

As men age, they experience a drop in semen, because testosterone is not as important as you age. Men lose about 1% a year after they hit age 30.

Semen supplements can help increase your semen production by up to five times! Not only will semen supplements increase your semen production, but your libido will improve, too. You will want to have sex all of the time, bringing lust and passion back into your life and relationship. Your partner will notice the difference.

Semen supplements will also increase the blood flow to the penis, which will give you longer and more powerful erections, making you and your partner experience better, multiple orgasms.


You will have so much thrust with your orgasm and your higher semen count that sex will absolutely blow your mind.


In order to have higher powered ejaculations, you need more semen in your body. Poor nutrition can negatively affect your sperm count. So the supplement Maximum Count, will increase your sperm count and give you a better sex life with more pleasurable ejaculations.


Maximum Count™ is formulated with the highest quality minerals, herbs, amino acids, and vitamins. The ingredients are taken from all over the world and are the best natural formula to help you improve the quality, taste, and mobility of your sperm. Our product is manufactured in the United States and is appropriate for those who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet.


Maximum Count ™ male enhancement supplement will make your sex life more passionate, powerful, and potent.


Proven Ingredients:

Saw Palmetto is from the palmetto plant and is full of male enhancing qualities.

Burdock Root has works as a powerful aphrodisiac.


Additional Information

60 -1215mg Capsules

Take one to two capsules each day.


Do not take more than the recommended dosage.  Pregnant women or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 and individuals with pre-existing conditions should speak with their physician before taking any health supplement.

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