Raspberry Ketone Ultra
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Raspberry Ketone Ultra

Raspberries, North America’s top berry, are full of antioxidants and are filled with Anthocyanins and Ellagic Acid. Many think that raspberries can help people lose weight and researchers are currently studying the possibilities.


Product Description


Raspberry Ketones are extremely beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight and become healthy. When you take a ketone supplement, you will help your body lose fat and make your body look and feel better. If you take raspberry ketones along with eating healthy foods and using another diet supplement, the pounds will practically fall off.


Raspberry Ketones are an organic,

natural chemical that creates the delicious smell that raspberries are known for and raspberries are the only plant that produces this chemical. Ketones are already being used in the fragrance industry to scent perfumes and candles. It is the same raspberry ketones that help the body increase its metabolism to burn more fat and use more calories. If you want to lose weight, you can add raspberries to your diet, you will certainly enjoy the taste and the fiber that will fill you up and make you feel full. But, you would have to an extremely large amount of raspberries to get the benefits that you can from a simple raspberry ketone supplement.


Raspberry Ketones contain a thermogenic (fat burning) ingredient that will increase your metabolism and help you lose more weight in a healthy way. The King of the Berry has truly earned its name.


Antioxidants are measured by the oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) and raspberries have three times the ORAC value for blueberries, which were once thought to have the highest value of any berry.

Free radicals damage the body at the cellular level, by oxidizing cholesterol, damaging DNA, and causing early aging symptoms.


A few of our Effective Ingredients:


Raspberry Ketone is found in raspberries and contains more antioxidants than any other native American berry.  


Ellagic Acid another antioxidant found in many other berries like strawberries and blueberries.


Additional Information


60 – 1200mg Capsules.

Take one or two capsules each day on the advice of your health care provider.


This product contains the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee. 

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