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Protrivta contains the power of catalase that will provide healthy nutrients to thicken your hair and make it look and feel healthy which is perfect for those with gray and thinning hair.

You no longer have to worry about your hair showing signs of age, because you can take Protrivta as a supplement to help with missing nutrients. Your hair can be affected by stress and other factors that can make your hair thinner and grayer. Our supplements works to restore health to the hair follicles in your scalp. This is more beneficial than any shampoo or conditioning products that simply coat the outside of your hair.


Your hair grays when you have too much hydrogen peroxide in the body, which ends up bleaching the hair. Our supplement, Protrivta™, will restore your natural hair color by providing essential nutrients. Our hair prematurely ages because of hydrogen peroxide, but we can reverse this with naturally occurring vitamins in supplements.

Vitamins A, C, and E will help fight free radicals that can cause your hair to lose its youthful look. Once you begin to fight the free radicals, your hair will begin to look like it did when you were younger.


Protrivta™ capsules contain the best amino acids, minerals, vitamins and herbs.  One of the best ingredients for improving hair quality is called catalase, researchers believe that when you lack this nutrient, you begin to lose the youthful look of your hair. Your hair follicles need the support of healthy ingredients. Folic acid is another important ingredient in our supplement capsules.

Our research-based supplements are made in the United States and are safe for those who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet.


Proven Ingredients:

Catalase effects hair growth as a common enzyme.

Horsetail promotes healthy hair growth.  

Zinc helps improve melanin in the hair making your hair color more youthful looking.


Additional Information

60-5000IU of Catalase in each Capsule

Take two each day with a meal. The product slowly releases ingredients to help your hair grow and return to its natural color.


Do not take more than the recommended dosage. Pregnant women, and nursing mothers as well as children under 18 and those with medical condition should speak with a medical professional before using any dietary supplement. 

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